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Legends Browser 2

Legends Browser 2 is an multi-platform, open source, legends viewer for dwarf fortress 0.47 written in go. It is a complete rewrite of the original Legends Browser, available at


  • Works in the browser of your choice (just launch an open http://localhost:58881)
  • Recreates Legends Mode from dwarf fortress, with objects being accessible as links
  • Add several statistics and overviews

Using Legends Browser

Command Line Options

-p,--port <arg>     use specific port
-s,--serverMode     run in server mode (disables file chooser)
-u,--subUri <arg>   run on /<subUri>
-w,--world <arg>    path to legends.xml or archive

Important Note

  • some features require the legends_plus.xml from dfhack (run 'exportlegends info')