🌍 A list of public Send instances. Mirror.
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Public Send instances

This page holds a list of public Send instances.

This page does not give any promises or warranties with regard to instance security and reliability.


Instance URL Size
Country Version Uptime
(90 days)
https://send.vis.ee 2.5GiB 3 days 10 maintainer, contact Netherlands 🇳🇱 version Uptime (90 days)
https://send.zcyph.cc 10GiB 7 days 100 maintainer, contact Germany 🇩🇪 version Uptime (90 days)
https://send.ephemeral.land 8GiB 28 days 1,000 Germany 🇩🇪 version Uptime (90 days)
https://send.mni.li 8GiB 7 days 25 contact Germany 🇩🇪 version Uptime (90 days)
https://send.monks.tools 5GiB 7 days 50 United States 🇺🇸 version Uptime (90 days)
https://send.boblorange.net 2.5GiB 7 days 100 Portugal 🇵🇹 version Uptime (90 days)
https://send.aurorabilisim.com 2.5GiB 7 days 100 contact Turkey 🇹🇷 version Uptime (90 days)
https://send.artemislena.eu 2.5GiB 7 days 100 contact Germany 🇩🇪 version Uptime (90 days)
https://send.datahoarder.dev 1GiB 1 day 5 maintainer, contact Luxembourg 🇱🇺 version Uptime (90 days)
https://fileupload.ggc-project.de 2.5GiB 7 days 100 Germany 🇩🇪 version Uptime (90 days)
https://drop.chapril.org 1GiB 5 days 100 contact Germany 🇩🇪 version Uptime (90 days)
https://send.jeugdhulp.be 50MiB 10 days 25 contact France 🇫🇷 version Uptime (90 days)
https://files.psu.ru 16GiB 7 days 500 no password Russia 🇷🇺 version Uptime (90 days)
https://send.portailpro.net 10GiB 30 days 100 France 🇫🇷 version Uptime (90 days)
https://transfer.acted.org 5GiB 14 days 3,000 France 🇫🇷 version Uptime (90 days)
https://send.datenpost.app 30GiB 7 days 3 contact Germany 🇩🇪 version Uptime (90 days)
https://send.angelic.icu 2.5GiB 7 days 50 contact Romania 🇷🇴 version Uptime (90 days)
https://s.opnxng.com 2.5GiB 7 days 25 contact Singapore 🇸🇬 version Uptime (90 days)
https://send.whateveritworks.org 10GiB 7 days 100 contact Germany 🇩🇪 version Uptime (90 days)

Users can view the historic reliability of the Send instances on this status page. Click each instance on that page for more details.

How to use

To use a specific instance, simply open the application in your webbrowser.

To use a specific instance from the command line with ffsend, provide the --host URL flag while uploading.

# ffsend upload to custom host
ffsend upload --host https://send.vis.ee/ FILE

Host your own instance

You can host your own Send instance. Read the deployment or docker documentation for details.

A docker compose example configuration can be found at: https://github.com/timvisee/send-docker-compose

If you plan to host it publicly, please consider to add it to this list.

Submit changes

To submit changes to this list, please open a pull request or issue.