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Just for fun. A simple TUI media player for FunkWhale instances. Writen on python


  • Simple interface
  • Listening to tracks
  • Listening to radios (including users/libraries)
  • Selecting and listening to albums
  • Selecting and listening to artists
  • Search by albums, artists
  • Switching instance from the public list[1] and the official instances list (if avalaible)
  • All other features are working 50/50


Python dependencies:
pip install -r requirements.txt Optional: brotli

For virtual env just type (ofc after install mpv, fzf, python3): ./run

About cache folder

funkwlmpv has to cache tracks before playing (default disabled "enable_persistent_cache"). Cache is persistent and you should manage it manually because the (script/program) can't clean it automatically. Cache structure: cache/domain.tld/[track uuid]
You can play tracks offline, example: mpv --shuffle cache// - it might be useful for compression cache (lossy: vorbis 128 kbps, no thumbnail)

Also, tnx Inex for his FunkWhale instance (set by default instance)

[1]Warning: may content unofficial instances
Warning 2: This software not userfriendly. Maybe developerfriendly. Warning 3: This software optimized for my needs, this can be confuse you.

Simular projects:
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