Personal portage overlay

Updated 1 month ago

My gentoo portage configurations.

Updated 4 weeks ago

My custom website userstyles

Updated 5 months ago

Scripts for various system tasks such as fan control

Updated 3 weeks ago

~/.local/bin shenanigans

Updated 3 months ago

tree-sitter parser and syntax highlighter for the Dwarf Fortress raw language

Updated 2 years ago

Simple owncast bot

Updated 6 months ago

Changes made for

Updated 7 months ago

a dumb eightball done with html canvas

Updated 4 months ago

Soft fork of pleroma-fe for akkoma; mostly mirrors upstream with some additions

Updated 2 weeks ago

My dotfiles

Updated 1 month ago

Mirror fade + extend code Mastodon group bot which reposts toots

Updated 1 week ago

some bloat "forks" in other branches "localhost_custom", "bloat-gts". Changes from upstream will be manually merged soon as possible.

Updated 3 months ago

🌍 A list of public Send instances. Mirror.

Updated 2 weeks ago

No-bullshit file hosting and URL shortening service | Forked from

Updated 3 days ago

Magically expressive social media

Updated 1 week ago


Updated 5 hours ago

Public peers in the Yggdrasil network

Updated 1 week ago

Non-interactive CLI browser with embedded Tor

Updated 4 years ago